FiSTB, Finnish Software Testing Board



How to join FiSTB?

To join FiSTB go to , click "Henkilöjäseneksi-liittymislomake" and follow the instructions. Remember to select "FiSTB, Finnish Software Testing Board" in "Jäsenyydet" dropdown-menu.

How the exams are organized?

FiSTB organizes open exams (available for everyone) and exams for training providers only (e.g. for the ones attending to courses).

When the exams are organized?

Open exams: see Exam calendar. Contact Training providers for their exams.

What is required from the participants?

There are no requirements for Foundation level exam - whoever can take it in Finland (no courses required, no need to live in Finland). For Advanced level exam and Agile Tester Extension exam you must have Foundation level certificate as a prerequisite.

What is the language of the exams?

You can take Foundation level exam and Agile Tester Extension exam in Finnish or English. Advanced level exams are in English only.

Where are the exams held organized?

Open exams are organized in Espoo (Stella Business Park). Exams for training providers are organized in their own premises.

How to prepare for the exam?

You can study by yourself or participate in courses (organized by training providers). You can read books (e.g. search ISTQB® in bookstores) or read syllabus specific to exam. You can download free syllabus from FiSTB pages (Finnish version of Foundation syllabus) and from ISTQB® pages (English versions of syllabuses). You can also read sample questions which you can find from ISTQB® pages.

How to enroll into the open exam?

See Exam calendar.

How much does it cost to take the open exam?

In Finland, Foundation level exams costs 248 €, for students it is 124 €. Each Advanced level open exam costs 310 €. Prices include VAT 24%.

How long does it take to take the exam?

It depends on the exam and language. Foundation level exam and Agile Tester Extension exam takes 1 hour for native speakers and 1 hour 15 minutes for others. Advanced level exam takes 3 hours for native English speakers and 3 hours 45 minutes for others.

Can I take all three Advanced level exams in a same day?

No, one exam takes more than 3 hours.

How to find more information on training courses (prices, schedule, how to participate, exams, etc.)?

Contact Training providers.

What is the structure of exams?

Foundation level exam and Agile Tester Extension exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. Advanced level exam has scenario-based multiple-choice questions, where there are one or more correct answers.

How to get new certificate if the original certificate is lost?

Lost certifacte can be ased from the the board who gave the certificate..