FiSTB, Finnish Software Testing Board


Foundation Level Certified Tester

General information

HUOM! Current exams are based on 2011 syllabus. You can download 2018 syllabus, but note that exams based on 2018 syllabus will be released 2019.

The certification exam is for ISTQB® Foundation level and is supervised by an FiSTB representative. Exam is made up of formally reviewed and approved exam questions. Every exam is unique, though they may contain the same individual questions. You can find Foundation Level Syllabus from ISTQB® pages. You can find the sample questions from this ISTQB® WEB-page.

The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions for which only one answer, worth one point, is correct. No points are deducted for wrong or missing answers. Participants need at least 26 points to pass the exam. The certificate is granted by FiSTB.

Dictionaries (not electronic) and non-programmable pocket calculators can be used during the exam after inspection by the proctor. Usage of other material, e.g. cellphone or any written material (including syllabus and course notes) is forbidden during the exam.

Please be prepared to show official ID (e.g. passport or driver’s license).


Everyone can register to ISTQB® Foundation level public exam. See Learning for more info on preparations.

Schedule and registration

ISTQB® Foundation level exams are organized in two different ways in Finland:

  • Public exams for everyone - schedule and registration via Exam calendar
  • Exams organized by training providers, only for the persons attending to their courses - contact training providers for more info

Candidates must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to exam starting time.


You can take the exam in English or in Finnish.


Exam duration is 1 hour for native speakers and 1 hour 15 minutes for all others. You will get 30 min extra time if you have dyslexia (remember to show medical certificate at exam site).

Price and invoicing

Certification fee is 200 € + VAT 24 % = 248€. Discounts for Partners can be found here.
Certification fee for students and unemployed is 100 € + VAT 24 % = 124 €. Student and unemployment status must be proved with valid student card/unemployment card at exam site.

The invoice will be sent after the test. The test results will be reported and the certificate will be posted after payment.

Notice! If your company pays for the certification, please check the correct billing address from your organizations finance department.


You are welcome to FiSTB ISTQB® Foundation Level Certification exam.