FiSTB, Finnish Software Testing Board


Accreditation process

Scope: Same accreditation process is used for both Foundation and Advanced Level accreditations in FiSTB

Process flow

1. Inform your interest of accreditation to FISTB.
2. Fill in the accreditation forms and deliver them electronically to the accreditation officer.
3. Accreditation officer will check received material and requests any missing on incomplete information).
4. After succesful passing of accreditation the information is put to the training page and to the FISTB database.

Accreditation templates can be found from network drive (.zip, 381kb)

Notification about accreditation goes to FISTB board list  (fistb-hallitus (at) The accreditation materials will be delivered to accreditation officer (tuula.paakkonen (at)

Additional information

  • Accreditation board keeps material confidential and discussion is used by accreditation board and the accreditation requestor.
  • Accreditation board should include 3 persons in minimum
  • Accreditation is attempted to be done in 4 full work weeks after material has been got
  • People, who have comments/feedback on course accredited by FISTB, can contact Accreditation officer with their feedback and suggestions for improvement. Feedback is valuable and can be taken into account in improving accreditation and syllabus content further